Pink & Charlie is located at
14 S.Washington

About Pink and Charlie

Why would I open a Parisian-styled boutique in downtown Oxford, Michigan? Because, I don’t want to be where people shop in malls. I want to be where people live and enjoy life so that they feel relaxed and in the right mood. It’s all about the atmosphere and shopping should be an enjoyable experience.”
My customers are magnificent women and the men who love them. They are the heartbeat of this community and deserve a fabulous selection in a location right in the center of town.  

Pink & Charlie expresses the feelings in my heart. Pink is a feeling, not just a color. Charlie is my father and I am who I am today because I was lucky enough to be born Charlie’s daughter. It is a very small token of how much I love him.

Pink & Charlie has soft pink walls, black and white accents and a glamorous ambiance. Like a Parisian boutique tucked down a sleepy side street, Pink & Charlie is about the comfortable and welcoming feel. Every handbag and every piece of jewelry is hand selected by me. I only bring in one or two of any item so my customers can enjoy wearing something special. Many of our boutique items are exclusive to Pink & Charlie.

Customers will always enjoy personal attention when selecting just the right accessory for personal use or for friends, teachers, mothers or sisters. Affordable elegance is always in style. Glamour is not exclusive, we have it right here in Oxford. Come spend the day and enjoy all that historic Downtown Oxford has to offer. Pink & Charlie is located at 14 S.Washington.


Soothe Your Soul is located at
2B S Washington, 
Above Wireless Toys

About Soothe Your Soul

Hello! I am Hannah Cornell-Schroeder and I am the owner of Soothe Your Soul. I am thrilled to be a part of The Girlfriend’s Walk. I live here in Oxford and I am so proud to support and represent this great community. Girlfriend’s Walk comes right from the heart for all of us. We are a team of women owned businesses that reach out to support each other in business, friendship and life. And because we are so supported by each other and this beautiful town, we are able to reach out and help others through our charity work.

If you’ve not visited Soothe Your Soul yet, please come in soon. I’d love to meet you! My business didn’t have the “normal start”; it actually grew out of my broken heart. In 2004, my first husband was killed in an accident. As I grieved and tried to begin to heal, I had a hard time finding resources to assist me and my children. I actually traveled out of the state several times looking for complementary healing and support in my grief. When I began to feel stronger and my life took on a beautiful new direction and I found more peace, and even a beautiful new love and marriage to my husband, Paul, I knew I needed to give back the gifts that had been bestowed upon me and share what I had learned with my beloved community. Out of that desire grew Soothe Your Soul, and now three years later we’ve grown and expanded in every way. It makes my heart sing with joy. I know what we provide is needed and valued and I am grateful you are a part of our expansion. My goal is, always has been and always will be to serve in a genuine, authentic and loving way. To provide a safe and nurturing space for healing and wellness to unfold.

I love it when customers ask me “what do you do here?” The answer is simple…we help you to TAKE CARE OF YOUrself! We do that by providing a safe, comfortable, inspiring and uplifting space where you can…get a massage, experience Yoga, try a Reiki treatment, explore the benefits of homeopathy, learn about how craniosacral therapy can help you, take an affordable and empowering class, meet other people who are making the most and best out of life, shop for gifts for yourself or others that have meaning and give back in some way. And that is just the start. We’d love to meet you, to get to know you, to hear your story and to leave you feeling better for having walked through our door.

Wishing you all the very best life has to offer.

Ella Fashion is located at
2 N. Washington Street, Suite 2

About Ella Fashion

Owner Lisi Decampos

As any other women with 2 boys I am constantly on the go. You and I both know that an active lifestyle puts a huge strain on any Woman’s wardrobe. We need clothes that can do double, sometimes triple duty – taking us from the office or home to a night out – clothes that are easy to care for and yet fresh and stylish.

That is why I created Ella Fashion for you! With a huge passion in fashion and in partnership with my mom, who is a designer in Brazil, I am able to bring the latest trends in fashion direct from Brazil from her own collections. I like to help my customers build a wardrobe based on their needs and lifestyle. I guide them on how to dress fashionably, easily and comfortably with out spending a fortune. I believe that a piece of clothing describes who you are.

Ella Fashion collections translate the world and her cultural diversity. Day or night, Ella Fashion women are always appropriately well dressed in every moment.

I hope you enjoy your time surfing my website and if you feel I have what you are looking for please do not hesitate to give me a call at 248.236.8386 or email me.

Set up a private shopping appointment today, I believe that fashion is very personal.

Beadifferent Boutique is located at
7 N.Washington

About Beadifferent Boutique

Owner Mary Lou Bielak
Fourteen years ago I found myself in a bead store and became so inspired by the endless creative possibilities that I jumped into beadwork with both feet and never looked back. I was, and still am to some extent, a diamonds girl but with this new found jewlery-making skill I soon went from the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of diamonds to a more satisfying and fun mix of crystals, chromatics, color, and creativity that define beaded jewelry. My passion for the art of beadworking intensified over time and the compliments I have received from finished projects have been the icing on the cake. Beadifferent Boutique was my dream and the culmination of a love of jewelry, fashion, and presentation. It draws on inspirations and ideas learned from my education in interior design, Hixon’s flower arranging school, needlework, and bead work.

My favorite part of the business has always been the great people I have met with whom I share my dream. Watching their excitement when they complete a beautiful design brings a smile to me on the outside and inside. However, beadwork and classes represent only part of what we offer. We are also a boutique that carries cool and unusual fashion jewelry, accessories, and apparel that can suit every personality, whether bought for oneself or given as a gift. Handbags, dresses, sweaters, jackets, fashion scarfs, hats, visors, and shoes help round out only part of the many unique items we carry.

We strive to provide an inviting and comfortable ambiance that begins at our front door, and continues throughout the store. If you like, our friendly staff would love to help you mix and match off-the-shelf jewelry, apparel, and accessories or can teach you a design that can be custom matched to a particular outfit or occasion. We cordially invite you to stop by and smell the coffee (literally) and experience Beadifferent Boutique so you too can enjoy the warmth, service, and one-of-a-kind items that chain stores and malls fail to provide. I would like to offer a big “Thank You” to all of our past and present customers and a big “Welcome” awaits those we would love to meet!

Sweet & Savory Bake Shop is located at
9 N.Washington

About Sweet & Savory Bake Shop

Debbie Meyers and Scott Eschelbach, co-owners of Sweet and Savory, opened their shop in the fall of 2002, choosing the Village of Oxford in Northern Oakland County for it’s small-town friendly feel.

They each bring twenty-plus years of experience to their craft and still keep up to date with designs, style and taste.

Debbie returned to her native Michigan, after studying and working in the pastry arts field for twelve years in California’s Bay Area. She started her career under the guidance of Alice Medrich at the renowned Cocolat, the Bay Area’s best-ever pastry shop. After years as a pastry chef in many fine restaurants and bakeries, she now expresses her unyielding passion for all that’s culinary in her wedding and specialty cake designs.

Victoria’s Delights is located at
12 S.Washington

About Victoria's Delights

Owner, Victoria Connolly
Victoria’s is located in the historic downtown district of the quaint village of Oxford Michigan.

Our 45 seat 100% non-smoking Dinning Room is reminiscent of a Bistro in Tuscany or Paris. Built in 1875 to house the Farmers’ State Bank, the original vault and tin ceiling still remain. Delicious food, fresh flowers, linen napkins and reasonable prices make Victoria’s a unique dinning experience.

A full premium bar, an extensive wine list plus Michigan wines and beers make Victoria’s a place for any occasion. Whether it is for eggs Benedict in the morning, one of Victoria’s signature salads or a panini sandwich with a cup of homemade soup for lunch, or one of our classic steak, seafood or pasta entrees from our exciting dinner menu, stop in, we’d love to see you!

Funky Monkey is located at
5 N. Washington

About Funky Monkey

Ann Jones, Funky Monkey Toys

After 20 years as part-owner of a marketing agency and being privileged to work with national clients such as Harley-Davidson, Audi, VW, Eaton, UPS, Toyota and more, in 2014 I made the leap to join my husband’s entrepreneurial adventure full-time in the toy business.

We opened Funky Monkey Toys in 2010, and customers in Oxford/Lake Orion area have made our boutique toy store dream a reality. Our store focuses on finding imaginative, hard-to-find, mostly “analog” toys, crafts and books. Our super-friendly and knowledgeable staff and our location in the heart of historic Downtown Oxford help us provide a truly unique experience that you won’t get at a big-box retailer.  Plus, with random bubbles sightings, complimentary gift bag wrap, surprise visits from Mascot Monkey, birthday gift registry, and participation in lots of community and charitable events, we give our customers lots of reasons to keep shopping local.

My husband Tom was an “honorary Girlfriend” for the last few years, so I’m thrilled that now we can officially participate as one of the Girlfriends. We feel blessed and gratified every day for the support and love we feel from our customers. We are honored to be a part of the Oxford community and to help promote Downtown Oxford as a true shopping destination.

Creative Embroidery is located at
10 E. Burdick St.

About Creative Embroidery

Ashley Kiplinger, Creative Embroidery & Screen Printing, Inc.

I was fortunate enough to buy Creative Embroidery from the former owner at the age of 20 in 2009. It has been a great experience working, growing and being a part of the Oxford community.

We offer our customers a way to personalize their world with embroidery on any item and a way to advertise their own businesses as well with custom logos and screen printing. I enjoy using my creative talents to make one of a kind gifts for the perfect person. Our business runs the gamut from personalized towels for a wedding gift to custom embroidered stuffed animals for births. We design custom logos for fellow entrepreneurs and screen printing for a walking advertisement. Our motto is “Get Creative, Personalize, Advertise”.

 I was so honored to be named Oakland County’s 2nd Best Gift Shop of 2014 and Oxford’s Best Embroidery of 2013. This year I am glad to be made a member of The Girlfriend’s Walk.

Ashley Kiplinger

Creative Embroidery and Screen Printing, Inc.


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